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The Ultimate Compact Wood Gas Trail Stove!

It's 3 stoves in 1

This versatile and powerful little stove can boil 2 cups of water within 12 minutes and runs on burnable solid fuels like twigs and wood. No need to carry gas stoves or heavy propane bottles when you're on the trail. Let nature supply you with fuel, just use any dried twigs or wood you find laying around.

  • Small ultra-light wood gas stove.
  • 3 stoves in 1 - wood stove, slow cooker and food warmer.
  • Extremely small pack size of 4-1/4" wide x 4-7/8" high.
  • Weighs only 6.7 ounces.
  • Double wall construction - 2 piece nesting design.
  • Burns twigs and wood for fuel.
  • No dangerous liquid or gas fuels to carry, perfect for airline travel.
  • Smoke free cooking**.
  • Boils 2 cups of water within 12 minutes ***.
  • Keep your meal warm with simmer times up to 30 minutes ****.
  • Adjustable air intake ports allows for heat control and variable cooking times.
  • Special design feature allows for easy lighting.
  • Hands free cooking, load once with wood, light and walk away, no need to baby sit the fire.
  • It even makes charcoal.


    Click pictures to enlarge
    1) Stove nests in 4 Cup Mug/Cooking pot
    Pot stand stores inside stove
    2) Place pot stand on stove
    3) Place 4 cup mug/pot on stove
    4) Fired up!

    - Adjustable air intake ports for variable cooking times -
    5) Air intake ports open - fast cook
    6) Air intake ports closed - slow cook


    Wood debris and rubble are fuel for the Bushwhacker,
    perfect stove for disaster and survival situations!

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    Watch a review of the Bushwhacker
    by Jason Klass at

    Compare the facts with our competitors
    Manufacturer Type Storage
    Collapsible for Storage Load once with fuel Adjustable Venting Variable Cooking Times Food Warmer
    & Slow Cooker
    Optional Charcoal Maker Price
    J. Falk's Bushwhacker Wood Stove Wood Gas 6.7 oz 4-1/4" W
    4-7/8" H
    2 piece nesting design
    Yes Yes Yes Yes $29.50
    Bush Buddy Wood Stove Wood Gas 5.1 oz 4-1/4" W
    3-3/4" H
    2 piece nesting design
    No No No No $140.00



    After having boiled many gallons of water using the Bushwhacker Stove, I feel very confident in stating this stove works exactly as advertised. I live in the High Cascades of Oregon at 4200' elevation. During the winter, when the temperature was down around zero, I was not only able to boil water, but keep it at a simmer. I was very pleasantly surprised. I recently took the stove on trip to just over a mile high and was easily able to boil water again. You need not fear the altitude or cold weather when using a Bushwhacker Stove. I think the Bushwhacker Stove has found permanent home in my backpack, especially on longer hikes where I don't want to bother taking multiple canisters or bottles of alcohol.
    - G. Hill, OR

    WOW - what a versatile stove. I like the fact that you load it once with small pieces of wood, light then walk away. It's truly hands free cooking, no need to continually add wood or baby sit the fire. It's adjustable air intake ports allow for variable cooking times. The best part is after the fire dies, you can still keep your meal warm. The simmer mode of the this stove is fantastic, my meal stayed warm for 30 munutes.
    - R. Madon, Fl

    I absolutely love this stove and would recommend it to other enthusiasts. At first you need to practice a bit to get the hang of it. Wood selection is of the upmost importance. This is a FANTASTIC stove, quick boil times and the simmer mode is great. I feel quite comfortable bringing it on any trip.
    - S. Emery, MN

    I tested the Bushwhacker stove this weekend, It worked great! I tried it in "less-than-perfect" conditions to see how it would function. It was cold and breezy, used damp wood, with no windscreen. I used shaved wood and bark for tinder. I still got the water to a light a boil. Now I feel confident taking the Bushwhacker on the trail without the need of a backup stove.
    - D. Chester, VA

    Bushwhacker review by Karl Childers.
    WARNING! ... If you've never seen the movie "SLING BLADE"
    This may perplex you! A humorous review of my stove.

    One more - See what Boy Scout Troop 664 says

    - Optional Cookware -
    The Bushwhacker stores perfectly inside
    the Snow Peak 900 Cook Set

    You can find the Snow Peak 900 at several on-line stores

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    Use common sense and safety at all times when using any stove. The author of this web page will not be responsible for any injury or damage resulting from constructing or use of this stove design. If you choose to build, use or experiment with this design, do so at your own risk.

    Always follow the laws, rules and regulations in your area, when it comes to building and using fires!.

    ** The Bushwhacker stove cooks (virtually) smoke free depending on the weather and type of wood used.
    *** Boil times vary based on weather, wind, altitude, cooking pot and fuel used. Our tests show an average boil time of 8:30 minutes.
    *** After the fire burns out you can keep your water/liquid warm up to 30 minutes.