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The Ultimate Compact 2 Piece Trail Stove! Backpackers, Hikers, Campers and Survivalists are discovering this light weight, powerful, compact 2 piece collapsible camping stove. Possibly the smallest wood burning stove you'll ever find. Pack size is only 4-1/4" Wide x 4-7/8" High (smaller than a shoe) and weighs only 6.5 ounces.

This is the ultimate trail stove because it's 4 stoves in 1. It's a stove, food warmer, slow cooker and pot stand for alcohol stoves, all in one compact design!!!

- New & Improved -
10 times better than our original wood burning stove!
If you can find a smaller, more versatile stove, buy it!
Compact 2 piece design beats all the others!
Versatile - it's 4 stoves in 1!

This powerful little stove can boil 2 cups of water within 12 minutes and runs on burnable solid fuels like paper, dried leaves & grass, twigs, wood, even pine cones. No need to carry gas stoves or heavy propane bottles when you're on the trail. Let nature supply you with fuel, just use any dried twigs or wood you find laying around.

  • 2 piece collapsible nesting design, the perfect backpacking stove.
  • Burns leaves & grass, twigs, wood, even pine cones.
  • Extremely small pack size of 4-1/4" wide x 4-7/8" high.
  • Weighs only 6.5 ounces.
  • Assembles to 4-1/4" wide x 9-3/8" high.
  • Adjustable securing posts, locks both halves together when assembled.

    Watch Assembly & Storage Video of Stove
    Click pictures to enlarge
    1) Storage bag (not included)
    2) Remove stove from bag
    3) Pull stove apart
    4) Assemble & snap together
    5) Assembled stove
    6) Start fire and cook

    This stove also doubles as a food warmer
    & slow cooker ...
    CLICK HERE for details.


  • Small collapsible nesting design, perfect for backpacking and survival situations.
  • Light weight, only 6.5 ounces.
  • No need to carry heavy stoves and fuel bottles, perfect for airline travel.
  • Your fuel is supplied by nature, just use any dry wood you find laying around.
  • Fuel efficient design requires only a small amount of wood to cook meals.
  • Fast and easy to light, unlike other stoves (i.e. Bushbuddy) which require extensive fire building knowledge.
  • Works best in a breeze, unlike other wood stoves (i.e. Bushbuddy) that have problems with wind.
  • Performs well in all climates and temperatures.
  • Assembles in seconds, cooking in minutes.
  • Versatile, 4 stoves in 1. It's a wood stove, food warmer, slow cooker & alcohol stove pot stand.
  • Low, low price.
    4 in 1 Design
    Outperforms Wood Gas Stoves!

    Wood debris and rubble are fuel for the CWS,
    perfect stove for disaster and survival situations!

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    Watch a Demo and Review by Jason Klass
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    Compare the facts with our competitors
    Manufacturer Fuel Type Storage
    Collapsible for Storage Adjustable Venting Alcohol Stove
    Food Warmer
    & Slow Cooker
    Works well
    in a breeze
    J. Falk's Compact Wood Stove Wood & Alcohol 6.5 oz 4-1/4" W
    4-7/8" H
    2 piece nesting design
    Yes Yes Yes Yes $29.50
    TrailStove Wood 14.8 oz 5.15" W
    8.75" H
    1 piece
    No No No Yes $24.95
    Bush Buddy Wood Gas 5.1 oz 4-1/4" W
    3-3/4" H
    2 piece nesting design
    No No No No $140.00

    I received my new Compact Wood Stove today. I immediately assembled the stove and took it out back to cook a lunch of Ramen noodles. The stove fired up right away using eucalyptus twigs from the many trees on our property and a tiny bit of newspaper for tinder. I used my old and trusted MSR Titanium Kettle. Within no time (perhaps 5 minutes) the water in the kettle began to bubble and I added the noodles. By the time my handful of twigs was exhausted, lunch was ready. I really like this stove and I'm looking forward to using it on many a backpacking trip.
    - M. Reagan, CA

    Just received your compact wood-stove and it works brilliantly! I've been messing around with other wood-burning stove designs and was always disappointed with the results. Thanks for designing a great stove.
    - S. Emery, MN

    First of all, thanks for the quick shipping, the stove arrived yesterday afternoon. I fired it up and it works great!
    - V. Karpenko, CA

    Just received my wood burning stove yesterday and played with it last night and this morning. Quick starting and very easy to add fuel through the "V" hole, boiled 2 cups of water quickly. Very well designed and I am very happy with the flexibility. I'm an engineer, so I really appreciated the thought that went into all of the components. The creativity on the pot stand extenders was GREAT!!! and the addition of the 4 cup mug that the stove nests into for storage, completes the package.
    - G. Grohmann, WI

    CLICK HERE for DIY building instructions

    camp stove
    CWS with pot stand extenders and 4 Cup Mug
    Picture by Michael Reagan

    The Compact Wood Stove works best in a breeze or light wind, unlike other
    wood stoves that have problems with wind. Fast and easy to light!

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    Bushwhacker Wood Gas Stove

    - Optional Cookware -
    The CWS stores perfectly inside
    the Snow Peak 900 Cook Set

    You can find the Snow Peak 900 at several on-line stores

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